Introduction to Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Workshop organisers:

  • Emanuele Bardone
  • Irene-Angelica Chounta


Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) are computational systems that aim to support students in mastering skills and acquiring competencies through practice. The main advantage of ITSs is that they can provide personalized instruction and adaptive feedback on the individual level. To achieve that, ITSs employ student models that practically offer assessments of students’ knowledge state as the students engage with various learning activities. The main aim of the workshop is to provide educational practitioners, chiefly, school teachers, lecturers and educational technologists with an introduction to ITSs. More specifically, the workshop will present an ITS authoring environment and help the attendees to set it up for exploring possible uses. With the help of specific examples, attendees will also be encouraged to brainstorm as to how they could possibly deploy ITS in their own actual teaching practice. For those attendees who will be interested in furthering their acquaintance with ITS, the workshop organizers are available to organize a follow-up meeting.

Expected target group:

School teachers, university lecturers and educational technologists

Expected number of participants:

up to 30

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop attendees will be:

  • familiar with ITSs;
  • able to set up an ITSs authoring environment;
  • ready to explore how to use ITSs in their own teaching practice.

We expect all the participants to come with their own laptop.