Piloting technology trends

Workshop organisers:

  • Ingrid Maadvere (GAG, HITSA)
  • Laura Vetik (HITSA)


HITSA has developed a technology compass for education that introduces new technology trends and shows how they relate to education. So far, the following topics have been opened: Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Gaming and Game Based Learning, and Personalized Learning. Implementing new technologies is a major challenge for schools. There are no good examples and teachers have not had the opportunity to experiment enough. In this workshop, we practice some of these trends as a group work and participants can put themselves in the role of a student. Participants are kindly requested to bring their smartphone or tablet with them.

Expected target group:

Everyone interested in technology trends and innovation

Expected number of participants:


Learning outcomes:

The graduate is familiar with some of the applications of the technology compass in education.