Gathering in-classroom evidence about collaboration skills to inform your teaching

Workshop organisers:

  • Reet Kasepalu
  • Merike Saar
  • Luis P. Prieto
  • Pankaj Chejara
  • Anu Tammeleht


General skills, such as collaborative problem solving, are a major emphasis of Estonian and European educational reforms. However, these skills are quite difficult to develop and, most especially, to (formatively) assess. In this session, we will showcase current research on two different approaches that teachers can use in their classrooms to gather evidence about the ongoing development of such general skills. The participants will also have hands-on experience in the collaborative use of these a these approaches in their own skin, and gather data from hands-on, realistic learning activities. The session will be facilitated both in English and Estonian.

Expected target group:

Teachers and other educational practitioners, interested in using more evidence to inform their practice

Expected number of participants:

30-40 participants

Learning outcomes:

The participants can:
  • To become acquainted and experience different approaches to gather in-classroom evidence about students’ collaboration skills
  • To gain hands-on experience of specific tools to gather in-classroom evidence of different kinds
  • To understand some of the practical challenges involved in gathering such in-classroom evidence
  • To exchange good practices for in-classroom evidence gathering so as to inform teaching practice