Co-creation of educational products in partnership between schools and businesses

Workshop organisers:

  • Inga Kõue (Startup Estonia)
  • Aivar Hiio (HITSA)


In February, HITSA, Startup Estonia and Tallinn University jointly launched a co-creation program that brings together educational institutions and companies looking for solutions for the educational challenges. There are 6 educational start-ups and 12 educational institutions participating in the program. The aim is to contribute to the creation and development of high quality digital tools for education. In the workshop, we listen to the impressions of the participating companies and schools, how they have gone about the joint project, what the company has gained from such cooperation, and what new approaches the teaching staff have taken to teaching. Tallinn University also shares how co-creation projects contribute to educational innovation.

Expected target group:

all people involved in educational or business sector (including school leaders, teachers, etc.)

Expected number of participants:

up to 30

Learning outcomes:

The workshop participant will learn what innovative teaching methods can be applied to implement project- or entrepreneurial learning by involving private companies in the learning process.