Digital competences and personalized learning path

Workshop organisers:

  • Kerli Požogina (HITSA)
  • Linda-Helene Sillat (TLÜ)
  • Peep Küngas (HITSA)
  • Mart Laanpere (TLÜ)


Preparing learners for the life that is related to digital technologies also poses a major challenge for Estonian teachers, who are tasked with developing students’ digital competences integrated into their subject, along with the general competencies established in other national curricula. The Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 has set the goal of using modern digital technology in education and teaching more rationally and effectively, improving the digital competences of the entire population and ensuring access to next-generation digital infrastructure. However, according to TALIS (The Teaching and Learning International Survey), which focuses on aspects affecting student learning, only less than a third of teachers feel that they are competent enough to use ICT tools in teaching. The workshop will present digital competency models developed for Estonian learners and teachers, activities related to the implementation of digital competences, and opportunities for personalized learning and digital footprint mapping.

Expected target group:

Educators, teachers, school leaders, lecturers, head of the studies

Expected number of participants:

up to 30.

Learning outcomes:

The workshop participant knows strategic documents related to the development of digital competences of students and teachers and is familiar with the issues related to the development of digital competences.