Teacher as a supporter of student learning. How can teachers support students in outdoor learning situations?

Workshop organisers:

  • Terje Väljataga - Tallinn University, School of Educational Sciences, senior researcher
  • Külli Kori - Tallinn University, School of Educational Sciences, researcher
  • Kadri Mettis - Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies, junior researcher, Audentes International School, IB Biology teacher


Mobile technologies enable us to create fantastic learning experiences outside the classroom in authentic real situations. However, without safe classroom walls and nicely aligned tables and chairs, teachers face many new and unexpected challenges. First, they have to design a rather different lesson, second they have to manage different groups of students quite likely in various locations. Third, they have to be able to support students whenever needed. Thus, how to deal with all these challenges? In this workshop you will be guided through an outdoor learning experience with the help of mobile technologies to understand and to acknowledge how technology can solve some of the teachers’ challenges during outdoor learning and how technology can provide tools to support students while being in various locations and solving different tasks. Learning experiences will be commented by an experienced teacher.

Expected target group:

everybody who is interested in learning outdoors and using mobile technology

Learning outcomes:

The participants can:
  • Understands some of the teachers’ challenges in technology mediated outdoor learning situations
  • Is able to use mobile technology to support students’ outdoor learning